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Training- Locals

Angampora STIMA offers regular courses for male / female students between 10 to 60 years of age. The courses are at beginners’, advanced, and expert levels. Prior martial art experiences are not required, Training is conducted by highly experienced and reputed Gurus in a friendly but disciplined environment. The training schedules are flexible to meet the busy city lifestyle.

Trainings -Foreign nationals

Residential training is available only for foreign nationals who are interested in learning Angam (angampora) for 2 days to 6 months period of intensive training while staying at the Angampora STIMA lodging facility as resident students. No age or gender barrier. Details can be obtained regarding the intensive courses from

Short term Workshops

Angampora STIMA conducts 2-5 hours Angampora workshops for universities/corporate offices/martial art groups and interested foreign individuals or groups on their request. Participants for our workshops can make use of these opportunities to learn the basics and some self-defense techniques used in Angampora.

Angampora Performances

We conduct local and international performances as well. Local performances are held at the request of foreign and local tour operators or individuals, Our local performances are mostly held at our training center located at Athurugiriya or Light of Asia Foundation in Battaramulla Colombo. However, we are flexible to come to a location of your choice. For a more details please contact us.

Personal Training

One-to-one training is conducted for locals by our experienced gurus or trainers. Training will be customized according to each individual's capability and requirement. Prior experience in martial arts is not essential and training is open to anyone who wants to push their limits regardless of age or gender. A training session will be for a minimum of one hour and will be charged hourly.

Online Training

Online training sessions are conducted by our gurus or trainers for foreign nationals. This initiative is an attempt to give the opportunity for foreign nationals to experience the traditional martial art of Sri Lanka as both a lifestyle and martial art. Training will be customized according to each individual, focusing on the main elements of Angampora, fitness, and body conditioning.

Warrior Retreat

10 days of residential Warrior, Yoga & Meditation training with authentic masters of the ancient, indigenous, martial art form of Sri Lanka.

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Foreign practitioners

testimonials from foreign practitioners


I had the chance to train Angampora with Guru Athula and I have been impressed not only by the physical condition of this old man, but also by the complete fighting system he introduced me.

Thanks to Guru Athula Nandana and Guru Piumal Edirisinghe of Angampora STIMA that shared their knowledge with me.

Oli Kalari
Kalaripayattu trainer-France

With the training being demanding and powerful I was able to learn a lot of different forms and techniques in a very short time. We many warrior yoga exercises, different locks/grips and also long stick forms. Thank you STIMA for a very good time. I hope to get the chance to visit you again.

Sascha Weinrich

I'm amazed by how much Guru was able to teach us in the training. The only thing I want to do now is practice more, and learn more about it.

Olivier Pirerre

And as always... The most important and most impressive part are people we meet. Thankful to meet all team, Gurus and students. Thanks for teaching, thanks for sharing knowledge, for your inner power, bright eyes and open mind. Hope to comeback soon.

Elena Shevchuk

It was nice to training Angampora and warrior yoga in the wild surroundings. Thank you very much for a memorable holiday.

Celina Cerin

It's done! days of Angampora training is over ✌️ Thanks a lot to STIMA for their welcoming and for sharing their traditional knowledge with us. It was simply awesome..

M Masi
Marie Masi

STIMA your generosity and sharing of knowledge is an example to all! Would love to have more time to train with you guys next time!.

Catherine Birkinhead
Tai Chi Trainer - UK

I think here with Angampora the spiritual side still plays an important role which also was a reason for me to come here, because I wanted to see something which is more pristine compared to all the martial arts which are already largely focused on competition. Angampora is much more about the tradition, to unify spiritual with the bodily. In here Gurus teaches that spiritual and physical strength go hand in hand. The lessons learnt in the jungle and temple institutions are carried from not only the fighting pits but into the real world.

Christoph Hoffmann
Martial Art Trainer - Germany

Training Angampora is more than just a technique. A complete form dedicated to growth in strength, focus, discipline and virtue. Guru Athula is a true Guru infinite gratitude for his teachings for his team Angampora STIMA .. and the pristine land we train on. Look forward to return and evolve in such USA and Colombia 

Daniel Alzate

Dear Guru Athula and STIMA

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with me. I really liked the training and specially the way you teach, your great patience, peace, strength in every movement has inspired me!.. it was wonderful experience training with you.

I hope to return and training again under your guidance. I wish all the best.


Ceicilia Blue

I have heard about Angampora and had a training with Guru Athula and the STIMA. I am very pleased to have my training with these exceptional people and will be back for more. This form of martial art gives you peace of mind to achieve your goals. It is extremely direct and very useful in fighting. I do recommend practiced Angampora with STIMA.

John Micallef 12121
John Micallef

It has been a great pleasure to meet and train with you Guru Athula and Angampora STIMA Thanks guys for your wisdom, kindness friendship! You will be always in my heart may your path be always clear, cool and calm, peace, love, light and harmony

Greata Casnu
Gre Casnu
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