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Play Hard Live Strong

Why Angampora ?

Primal Movement

Angampora stresses the practice of archetypal movement principles and primal whole body movement over the repetitive practice of isolated techniques. These are movements that we can instinctively rely upon in times of fear- or stressful combat situations.



Way of the Warrior

Angampora was created as an art of war and wellness. It is crucial to acknowledge these roots to understand why the practice is giving immeasurably valuable for our day today life.



Tendon Strength

The Angampora practice exposes the practitioner to a variety of  unique and versatile training regimes. Intensity is imperative in Angampora and training makes physically stresses tendon strength over muscle strength.



Art of Living

Angampora can teach us how to live. It teaches us how to encounter each moment with open eyes, open mind, posture and tenacity. This makes Angampora the perfect foundation for a self-determined and healthy life in the modern world.



Sensory Awareness

The concept of primal body movement and tendon strength goes hand in hand with a strong evolution of the senses. Angampora practitioners are taught to expand their sensory awareness. This starts with the improving physical senses.



Personal Growth

The practice provides a unique psycho physical framework. It enables the practitioner to physically experience real life encounters. This could mean anything from standing our ground to simply detaching and fully stepping into the moment.



Regular Training

We offers regular training for local male / female students between 10 to 60 years of age. The courses are at beginners’, advanced, and expert levels. Prior martial art experiences are not required, but we prefer energetic individuals in mentally good shape to start training with us. Training conducted by highly experienced and reputed Gurus in a friendly but disciplined environment. After completing each level student have to face a grading test and if he/she pass the grading test he/she will be received a certificate.


0-1 Year

Prarambhaka “ප්‍රාරම්භක “


2 Year

Shishya “ශිෂ්‍ය “


3 Year

Abhyasee “අභ්‍යාසී”


4 Year

Jeshta Abhyasee “ජේෂ්ඨ අභ්‍යාසී “

Senior Practitioner

5 Year

Shilpa-dharee “ශිල්පධාරී “

Knowledge bearer (Coach L 1)

6 Year

Jeshta Shilpa-dharee “ජේෂ්ඨ ශිල්පධාරී”

Senior Knowledge bearer

7 Year

Elanga-dharee “ඉලංගධාරී “

Weapon bearer (Coach L2)

8 Year

Shuree “ශූරී “


9 Year

Visheshee “විශේෂී “


10 Year

Praveena “ප්‍රවීණ “

Proficient (Senior Instructor)

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Residential Training

Residential courses are available only for foreign nationals who are interested in learning Angampora for a 1 day to 3 moths period of time staying at the Angampora STIMA lodging facility as resident students. All the residential training will be conducted at Athurugiriya jungle training center as 4 hours per day 6 days per week basis.




Introduction to Angampora

One Week (24 Hours)

Introduction of Traditional strengthen exercise, Body Conditioning techniques, Foot works, Introduction to Grips and Locks, Introduction to hand to hand fighting techniques.

Introduction to Angampora II

Two Weeks (48 Hours)

Basic of Leg, Hands and Foot works, Body Conditioning methods, Introduction of 12 strikes, Basic Grips and Locks, hand to hand fighting techniques. Introduction to long stick.

Angampora Practitioner

One Month (96 Hours)

Training of Legs, Hands and Foot works, Strengthen and Flexibility exercises. Long stick rotation and 16 strikes, Intermediate level grips and locks, Introduction to Long stick fight. Hand to hand fighting techniques and self-defense tactics.

Angampora Practitioner II

Three Months

Training of Legs, Hands and Foot works, Strengthen and Flexibility exercises. Weapons: Dagger, Long Stick, Sword, Sword & Shield. Advanced striking and blocking techniques along with grips and locks.

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Training with the Nature @ STIMA Jungle Gym



Long term /Short term