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Angam in Europe

With the advent of modern communication and information technologies, the renown of Angam have begun to spread all over the World and is fast gaining popularity  even among its counterparts. In a world where spirituality in martial arts is fading to commercialized brutality, we believe that the tenets and teachings of Angam has an important lesson to give to the world. A true art of self defense will guard one’s body as well as one’s mind. Without this harmony in mind-body or spirituality-physicality, the purpose of a martial art will fail short. We hope that all martial artists around the world will one day realize this deeper truth which is part-and-parcel of Sri Lankan Angam and we invite those who are interested to spread these teachings in their own lands as our Europian Guru Oliver Herrmann

Angampora STIMA - Germany

Angampora STIMA German Branch (German Angam Maduwa) founded in 2011 under Guru Oliver Herrman as the first Angampora organization outside of Sri Lanka, we feel entitled to carry the martial art culture of Sri Lanka to Europe. In addition to the fighting techniques Angam includes many ancient arts which contribute to a better and longer life. We conduct training in Saarland / Germany at various locations. These include Eiweiler, Heusweiler and Dillingen.

At the moment German Angam Maduwa is the very first and only active Angampora training center located outside Sri Lanka.

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