angampora Hasna

“ANGAM ”….  An aspect of our rich local culture, that had been long forgotten, buried in the sands of time. Yet time and again, It has endeavored to re-emerge in different faces… at times misunderstood, at times and at times misused.

The small island kingdom of Sri Lanka had attracted the interest of many foreign nations and, it’s rich history is befuddled with turbulent and extensive times of invasions and chaos. And all throughout history the average Sri Lankan citizen faced adversity standing steadfast with his fellow countrymen, and this unwavering patriotism was supported by their rich traditional martial art, which cultured the back bones of its citizens forging the soul of the Sri Lankan warrior. This was the very reason why our erstwhile conquerors during their rule, out-lawed this art, as one of their primary strategies of crippling the corner stone’s of a great island nation. So for decades the art was suppressed, and practiced in secrecy, dealt as a taboo….

Nevertheless, it exists whole and pure within the life blood of our culture, and flows through the veins of every Sri Lankan, just as the sound of the free winds, the flowing water and the rustic flavor of an ancient drum beat it calls to arms from the deepest of our conscious, We welcome you to the world of Sri Lankan Traditional Indigenous Martial Arts (STIMA).