angampora weapons

Armed Combat

Ilnampora is another special part of Angam. This is known as the armed combat techniques of Angam. To be  complete and competent Angam practitioner, the knowledge of Illngam is essential. Normally illangam is taught to a student after at least two years in to his training. Learning this requires a lot of discipline and dedication. Generally students are taught the techniques pertaining to all weapons, one can only “master” two or three weapons according to ones physical prowess. Most of the weapons used for practicing are cleansed with specialized rituals. A student must be granted permission from the guru in order to learn particular weapon, and this is signified by performing a special ritual where the weapon is handed over to the student by the guru.

This art consists of 32 weapons. Known as  “දෙතිස් ආයුධ ”. There are 5 main categories in this

1.  වක් ආයුධ – Curved weapons

2. වක‍්‍ර ආයුධ – Circular weapons

3. දික් ආයුධ – Long weapons

4. මොට්ට ආයුධ- Blunt weapons

5. කුංච ආයුධ  – Kuncha

Following weapons are belongs to above mentioned categories

               Short Sword             Long Sword               Heavy Mace
               Curved knife             Belt Sword               Short Mace
               Heavy Pole             Iron Mace               Bow & Arrow
               Spear             Dagger               Knuckle duster
               Shield             Scimitar               Horn Dagger


angampora Sword

sword Angam

Sword Techniques

Sword play was an art that was famous in ancient Sri Lanka. It is said that there were many variations of swords used in this era.

There are 110 varied techniques in terms of illangam  sword play, and 28 types of swords. Here single sword, twin swords, and four sword sword play is prominent.  A well trained illangam swordsman has a ability to battle with a large group of enemies.

The sword is the most superior and prominent weapon used in angam, and for centuries Angam practitioners have been famous for their sword play.

The special relationship between a sword and it’s owner is signified by the age old ritual where the weapon is forged according to the horoscope of its owner, an also seasoned using oil and poisons  which are also made out of herbs that are selected according to the owners horoscope. A custom made sword of this kind is considered as guardian of it’s owner and will not let him/her be harmed by another weapon, nor can that sword it’s self be used  to harm it’s owner.

According to folk lore, expert sword fighters of medieval sri lanka were able to attack while somersaulting over enemy heads.

Belt Sword

A unique and most prominent weapon used in illangam is the welayudaya. It can be known as the belt swords. It is mainly used to attack a large number of surrounding enemies at once. It is called “wela yudhaya”, because it is used while swirling around one’s own body. It is made of steel blades that are about an 1 inch in width and 6 feet in length.

It comes in single blade, two blade, tri blade variations. When it is played with both hands, with two weapons in each hand,  no one can approach close enough to attack. But the user must be extremely careful as it will cause serious injury if not done correctly after careful practice. This has been used normally as a last resort, when a single fighter has to take on a large number of surrounding enemies at once.

Knuckle duster

angampora Horn Dagger


Knuckle duster is an important weapon. It is used single and twin movement techniques. This weapon is made using the horns of bulls. This mostly causes bone shattering, the strike may heal from the out side, but the venom of the bulls horn makes inflammation from the inside.

In illangam there are a lot of techniques For The Dagger, the Horn Dagger, the Scimitar. Angam practitioners are honed in ,any defensive techniques that are taught in order use when an enemy attacks using any of these weapons. The specialty of the scimitar is that once attacked and lodged in to an opponents flesh, it will be difficult to remove, and cause more damage if an attempted to remove.

Among the many style in Illangam, there are a vast variety of the double wielding of the heavy cudgel, and the double wielded short cudgel styles.