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Simultaneous with the STIMA European Angam Maduwa (EAM), the STIMA German Angam Maduwa (GAM) was founded. Meanwhile, we train in Saarland / Germany at various locations. These include Eiweiler, Heusweiler and Dillingen.

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                                                                     Oliver Herrmann  “Sudu Kotiya” (white Tiger)

Head of the STIMA Europe and German/Switz Angam Maduwa



Oliver is a 40 year old IT professional and executive hailing from Germany who is an experienced Mixed Marial Artist (MMA) who has initially trained in Karate, Taekwondo, Jung-fu and Muay-thai. His skill has earned him the championship for the annual European Self Defense Organization (ESDO) tournaments for 2005.

He has always had a thirst for diverse martial arts disciplines and their knowledge and was first introduced to Angam over an internet forum in 2008. Intrigued by what he had encountered, Oliver visited Sri Lanka in the same year to discover Angam further. He has studied Angam for over 4 years ever since then, under various teachers and masters.

Oliver is now the head of two STIMA -Angam training centers which he have started in Germany and Switzerland, currently training over 50 students in total and steadily growing. Being a practicing Buddhist, he incorporates all of Angam’s traditions when training his students. Through him, European students have been given the rare opportunity to learn and understand Angam not only as physical self defense training, but as a highly specialized spiritual discipline as well. Like all Angam practitioners, he believes that self defense must be both physical and spiritual.

Upon joining Angam and studying it for the first time, he had commented that, with his discovery of Sri Lankan Angam, his search for a both physically and spiritually complete martial art has come to an end,.

He has joined Grand Master Wickramasinghe for the inception of STIMA as an instructor and is also the STIMA representative for Europe and Western world.